Workshop: Chant Harmonization

Although the chants of the prostopinije tradition are notated as a single melodic line, various forms of impromptu harmonization (so called "natural harmony") have long been used in parishes.

On June 8, 2013, a one-day workshop on prostopinije harmonization was held at the Byzantine Catholic Seminary, taught by cantor /choir director Nicholas Nagrant and cantor Jeff Mierzejewski. The workshop was recorded to benefit those who could not attend.

Topic (MP3 recording)
Introduction 12 min The Role of the Cantor
Vocal warmups 8 min Vocal warmup exercise
What is chant harmonization? 28 min  
Introduction to natural harmony 25 min  
General comments on harmony 15 min  
Break (with recorded music) 6 min  
Harmonization practicum I 46 min Handout set 1
Guided listening 10 min  
Harmonization practicum II 38 min

Handout set 2 (legal size paper)
Handout set 3 (letter size paper)

Choirs and composed choral music 23 min Divine Liturgy (SATB)
Presanctified (TTB)
Akathist (SATB)
Conclusion 24 min