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Choral resources for the Byzantine Catholic Church

This page will serve as a central repository of notated music for singing in our church - both composed choral music, and harmonized plain chant. If you have suggestions for this page, please send them to!

Harmonized plain chant

Entire services:

Particular hymns:

Composed choral music for the liturgy

Paraliturgical hymns and spiritual songs

Our church has a long tradition of singing "spiritual songs" before and after liturgical services, and at major events such as pilgrimages. Like our plain chant, these are often sung in harmony, either in a folk style ("natural harmony") or through composed choral settings.

We hope to provide SATB settings of all the melodies used in the forthcoming hymnal for our church. Where a tune is used for several different songs, look for the one cited at the bottom of the page as the source of the melody. In general, a single harmonization can be used for all verses of a given hymn, and for both English and Slavonic versions.

General hymns

Hymns to the Mother of God

Hymns for the liturgical year - before Christmas

Hymns for the liturgical year - Christmas and Theophany

Hymns for the liturgical year - The Great Fast and Holy Week

Hymns for the liturgical year - Pascha to Pentecost

Hymns for the liturgical year - additional

Other melodies for "New hymns for the liturgical year"