Melodies for Kontakia

In the prostopinije tradition, certain feast day kontakion became so well know that their melodies were used for singing all kontakia in the corresponding tones:

  Start of the melody Phrases Feast-day kontakion More examples, with recordings
Tone 3 (A) A' “Today the Virgin gives birth to the Transcendent One”
(Nativity of the Lord / Christmas)
Tone 4 (A B) “You have revealed yourself to the world today”
(Theophany of the Lord)
Tone 6 (A) A' “When you had fulfilled the plan of salvation for us”
(Ascension of the Lord)
Tone 8 (A B)

“Although you descended into the grave, O Immortal One”
(The Resurrectiom of the Lord / Pascha)


In the other tones (1, 2, 5, and 7), the normal troparion melodies are used for singing both troparia and kontakia.

Music for "Glory... now and ever" in each of the eight tones, using the kontakion melodies, can be found in the Divine Liturgies book, in the Eight Tones section.

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