Melodies for Troparia

The prostopinije tradition provides eight different melodies for singing troparia, one in each tone. These melodies are also used for singing sessional hymns.

The first column of the following table provides a link to the description of the melody and how to sing it, while the last column will take you to a set of notated examples.

  Start of the melody Phrases Sunday troparion in each tone More examples, with recordings
Tone 1

(A B)  E F “The stone was sealed by the Jews” examples
Tone 2 (A) “When you descended to death, O Immortal Life” examples
Tone 3 (A) F “Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad” examples
Tone 4 (A B) F “The joyful message of the resurrection” examples
Tone 5 (A) A' “O faithful, let us praise and adore the Word” examples
Tone 6 (A B) F “Angelic powers appeared at your tomb” examples
Tone 7 I (A B) F “You have destroyed death by your cross” examples
Tone 8 (A B) “You descended from on high, O merciful One” examples

When "Glory... now and ever" with troparia, is it sung using the troparion melody itself. Music can be found in the Cantor Verses book, under "Resurrection Tone."

Special melodies (podobny)

Most of our special melodies are for stichera, there there are also special troparion-style melodies that are used with sessional hymns at Matins, and occasionally for other hymns as well. When used to sing these hymns, our kontakion melodies are considered to be troparion podobny, and so they are listed here under their tones and Slavonic names.

Tone Melody Start of sticheron melody Phrases
Tone 3 Voskresl jesi
(You arose from the grave)
(A) A'
Tone 4

Spas i izbavitel moj
(O my Savior and Redeemer)

(A B)
Tone 5 Radujsja dvere Hospodňa
(Rejoice, impassable gateway of the Lord)
  (A) A'
Tone 6 Živonačalnoju dlaniju
(Christ our God, the Life-giver)
(A) A'
Tone 8 Voskres iz hroba
(You arose from the grave)
(A B)