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This is the another of the "hymns of the Passion of Christ", but less well known

Current version

Here is the version in Father Levkulic's Hymns of the Great Fast:

Earth and heaven mourn

Boh predvicnyj

This setting of Nebo, zeml’a sotvoriňňa is from Father William Levkulic's Hymns of the Great Fast (on page 20).

See this article for the Slavonic.


The theme of Christ's connection to the natural world is fundamental in Byzantine theology; for example, the liturgical hymns of Theophany recount how Christ's baptism in the Jordan caused a cleansing of all the waters of the world. Here, we have things moving in the opposite direction: as Christ suffers, the natural world mourns, along with his Mother.

(This hymn gives a good example of how Slavonic texts become longer in Englist: the original text of this hymn addresses Mary as "O Prečisya" [O most pure one]), which is expanded in this translation "O most holy Virgin Mother.")

Though rather short, this hymn may be a good for the forthcoming hymnal, but I would like to find out a bit more of its history. I would also like to include a literal translation of the Slavonic text.

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