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Sing with joy and pray together

Current version

Here is the version in the Marian Hymnal (1984):

Boh predvicnyj

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And here is the Slavonic. (The booklets of the Sisters of Saint Basil have additional verses, which we might want to consider adding or translating.)

The original English publication was titled "Come to Uniontown", but for the new hymnal we have been consistently titling most hymns by the actual first line (for example, the English version of Kol' slaven nas is titled "So great is God" rather than "So great the glory", which is actually just a traslation of the Slavonic title). So this hymn will eventually be sorted later in the Marian material, but for now it made sense to consider it side-by-side with Christians, join in our procession.


A very popular hymn, even if its use is largely regional (those who could travel or are travelling to the annual Uniontown pilgrimage) and restricted to one part of the year.

Should "image" in verse 4 be "icon"?

Recall that the pilgrimage, originally timed for "old calendar" Dormition, continues to fall in the weeks after that feast.

Thoughts or suggestions?

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