Sunday Aposticha in Tone 6

The aposticha are stichera sung toward the end of Vespers, with psalm verses inserted between the hymns. Here are the Sunday aposticha in Tone 6 (sung on Saturday evening).


Now we sing "Glory... now and ever..." (marked A in the Cantor Verses book) in the same tone, and the Saturday evening aposticha theotokion.

This is a fair amount of singing, but it goes quickly if a good tempo is maintained.

Frequently, a special hymn is sung at "Glory..." for the saint of the day, followed by the Saturday evening aposticha theotokion IN THE SAME TONE (rather than in the Tone of the Week).

If Vespers is sung on a pre-festive or post-festive days, there may be special hymns at both "Glory..." and "Now and ever..."; they may be in the same tone, or different tones. In each case, "Glory..." and "Now and ever..." are sung to the tone and melody of the immediately following sticheron (the one that comes next). In the MCI Cantor Verses book, the Sunday aposticha sections in each tone have separate music for "Glory..." and "Now and ever...", labelled B.