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Radujsja Carice

Boh predvicnyj

The text of this hymn to the Mother of God is that of Father William Levkulic and cantor Jerry Jumba, who also published an English translation, Rejoice, O purest Queen. The melody associated with this hymn is used for a number of other hymns throughout the liturgical year, including Otce Nikolaje / O Father Nicholas.

This hymn was edited as part of the Hymnal Project of the Metropolitan Cantor Institute. See this blog entry..


This hymn was published in UĆŸhorod Pisennik (1913) as hymn number 138, with 21 verses.

In 1969, Father Stephen Papp printed five verses of this hymn, with music, on page 67 of his collection Duchovňi Pisňi; it was the first hymn in the section dedicated to the Mother of God. The five verses in this edition corresponded to verses 1, 4, 17, 5, and 9 of the 1913 Pisennik, but with some textual differences.

In 1978, Monsignor William Levkulic and cantor Jerry Jumba printed the first five verses of the Pisennik text, along with an English translation, "Rejoice, O Purest Queen", in the Marian Hymnal (Byzantine Seminary Press). The melody for both versions is in 4/4 time rather than the 3/4 time in the Papp edition, and is in general more ornate.

The version arrived at above is a compromise based on these versions, as well as the version sung by the Uzhorod Seminary Choir: