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Blahoslovi vs’ich, Isuse milyj

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This hymn to the Sacred Hear of Jesus Christ borrows its melody from the Bortnyansky composition, Kol slaven naš.

Devotion to the Sacred Heart is a medieval and early modern Latin devotion which became popular in our church in the mid-20th century, but with the later recovery of Eastern Catholic traditions, this devotion is much less common in our churches. See this article in the Catholic Encyclopedia for more information about the devotion itself.

For an English version, see O Jesus, Lord, we ask you to bless us.


This hymn, with two verses, was printed in Fr. Stefan Papp's collection Duchovni Pisni (1960) on page 60, as the first of seven hymns to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. None of the others appear to be well-known in our churches.

Fr. William Levkulic printed English and Slavonic versions (text only) on page 152 of his The Divine Liturgy: A Book of Prayer (1978).