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Carju nebesnyj, Bože mohučij

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This hymn to the Holy Spirit can be sung on Pentecost, and throughout the liturgical year; it is basically a re-telling in verse of the liturgical prayer, Carju Nebesnyj, Ut'išitel'u .

For an English version, see O Holy Spirit, mighty defender.


This hymn, with two verses, was printed in Fr. Stefan Papp's collection Duchovni Pisni (1960) on page 37, as the fourth of six hymns for the feast of Pentecost.

Fr. William Levkulic printed English and Slavonic versions (text only) on page 152 of his The Divine Liturgy: A Book of Prayer (1978), where this hymn appears as number 7 in the collection of Eucharistic hymns (!).