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Carju Nebesnyj, Ut’išitel’u

This is actually a liturgical hymn, a sticheron which is sung on Pentecost at the aposticha of Vespers, and at the end of the Praises (Psalms 148-150) at Matins. In our churches, it is normally sung to the Tone 6 samohlasen melody.

The text is very well-known, as has become incorporated into the usual beginning prayers said at the beginning of most services, where it is often chanted to the usual psalm tone.

It is included here with the spiritual songs for two reasons:

Note that in Slavonic, "C" is pronounced as "ts" - so "Carju" should sound like "TSAR-yoo."

For an English version, see Heavenly King, Comforter.


In the Bokshai Prostopinije, it is given as the first of two hymns "before the sermon" (Pred' propovideju) at the bottom of page 162.

In Fr. Andrew Sokol's Plain Chant (c. 1950), it was printed in the "Hymns for various occasions" on page 87.

In Fr. Stefan Papp's Irmologion (1970), it is again given as the first hymn "before the sermon", on page 15. This is the version given above.