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O Marije, Mati Boža, Prečista

Boh predvicnyj

The text of this hymn to the Mother of God is that of Monsignor William Levkulic, who also published an English translation, O Mary, Mother of our God.

This hymn was edited as part of the Hymnal Project of the Metropolitan Cantor Institute, and a third verse was added from the Papp Duchovni Pisni. See this blog entry.


This hymn was printed in the Užhorod Pisennik (1913) as hymn number 137, with 17 verses.

Father Stefan Papp printed three verses, with music, on page 68 of his collection, Duchovňi Pisňi (1969). The final line of each verse uses a different text from that in the Pisennik, with a different number of syllables, implying that the melody he gives may not be the original one.

In 1978, Monsignor William Levkulic published the first two verses of Father Papp's text (without music) in The Divine Liturgy, a Book of Prayer. The same verses, with music, were included in the Marian Hymnal (1984), with with a slightly different melody.

Note that the Slavonic melody, correctly sung, does NOT match the accentuation of the English. Then Slavonic is in a regular 4/4 time, and a time signature has been added to the MCI setting of the Slavonic to make this clear.