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Tam hde v nebi

Boh predvicnyj

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The text of this hymn to the Mother of God is that of Father William Levkulic, who also provided an English translation, Where our Mother reigns in heaven.


This hymn was included under the title "To the Mother of God of Perpetual Help" in a small booklet of pilgrimage hymns from the Sisters of Saint Basil in 1974. A note indicated that it came from a collection, Cerkovňi Pisni, published in Žovkva in 1926.

The first verse and refrain were printed in Father William Levkulic's The Divine Liturgy: A Book of Prayer (1978) as hymn number 20.

No printed version with music is known to exist. With luck, the Sisters of Saint Basil may be able to provide music for it. (The above is from a manuscript and may not be authentic.)