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Večeri Tvojeja tajnyja dnes’

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This is another liturgical hymn, sung on Great and Holy Thursday in place of the Cherubic Hymn. In our churches, it is normally sung to the "common" Tone 6 irmos melody.

For an English version, see Accept me today.


In the Bokshai Prostopinije, it is given with the propers for Great and Holy Thursday, on page 67.

In Fr. Andrew Sokol's Plain Chant (c. 1950), it was printed on page 50.

In Fr. Stefan Papp's Irmologion (1970), it is found on page 34, as the first of several replacements for the Cherubic Hymn during the Liturgy of Saint Basil the Great.

Note: there are some variations in the Slavonic text - in particular, in the last two phrases some versions add "vopiju" (crying out) and "when you come [in your kingdom]." Here we follow the text found on page 1210 of the Roman Časoslov (in the prayers before Holy Communion), which is slightly different from the version in some older chant books such as Bokshai.