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Viruju Hospodi

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This hymn to our Lord Jesus Christ is one of a number of such spiritual songs that were at one time sung at Holy Communion.

Note: According to the directives of our bishops, hymns which are not liturgical or Scriptural texts should not be sung during the Divine Liturgy (though they may be sung before or afterwards). This hymn is one of a SMALL number which may by exception be sung at Holy Communion, since it is versification of the liturgical pre-Communion prayer ("O Lord, I believe and profess..."). Therefore, it has been included as one of the hymns for Holy Communion at the back of the MCI booklet for Vespers with Divine Liturgy on Great and Holy Thursday. Consult your pastor before using.

For an English version, see I do believe.


Fr. William Levkulic provided the text (only) as the first paraliturgical hymn for Holy Communion hymn on page 150 of his The Divine Liturgy: A Book of Prayer (1978), along with an English translation, I do believe. His text is the one used above.

Music can be found on page H-3 of the 1970 collection, Byzantine Liturgical Chant. (Music is only provided for the English text, but the English translation matches the flow of the Slavonic text.)

The Byzantine Seminary rare books room has a small book printed in Europe just after the fall of Communism (1989) with text and music which generally match what is sung in our churches day.