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Vitaj mežd nami

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This hymn to our Lord Jesus Christ is one of a number of such spiritual songs that were at one time sung at Holy Communion. It can also be sung fittingly immediately before the Divine Liturgy.

For an English version, see Come now to us, O Christ.


The first verse (only) was printed with music on page 88 of Fr. Andrew Sokol's Plain Chant (c. 1950), as the second of three hymns for Holy Communion.

In Fr. Stefan Papp's Duchovni Pisni (1969), two verses are given with music on page 10.

Fr. William Levkulic provided the text (only) as a Holy Communion hymn (number 9) on page 153 of his The Divine Liturgy: A Book of Prayer (1978), along with an English translation, Come now to us, O Christ. His text is the one used above; the first verse is slightly different from other Slavonic versions, and the second verse is markedly different. It is possible that Father Levkulic "Slavonicizes" the Rusyn text (that is, made it more like Church Slavonic) or else he may have followed a different text.