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Vs’i T’a chory

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This hymn to the Holy Trinity is particularly suitable for singing during the feast of Pentecost, but can also be sung before the Divine Liturgy throughout the year.

For an English version, see Host of angels on high.


The first verse (only) was printed with music on page 87 of Fr. Andrew Sokol's Plain Chant (c. 1950), as the "Hymn to the Blessed Trinity."

In Fr. Stefan Papp's Duchovni Pisni (1969), this is the third of six hymns for the feast of Pentecost. Four verses are given with music on page 36.

Fr. William Levkulic provided the text (only), with two verses, as a Communion hymn (!) on page 150 of his The Divine Liturgy: A Book of Prayer (1978), along with an English translation, Host of angels on high.