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Jesus Christ is risen from the dead

This minor-key carol for Pascha is based on the Slavonic hymn, Isus Christos z mertvych vstav, with a one-verse translation by Cantor Jerry Jumba and Professor Nicholas Kalvin.


This is a new hymn for us, and deserves to be better known! The Uzhorod Pisennik has a number of additional verses of praises for this hymn on pages 191-192 which really ought to be translated.

The Slavonic original had the chorus beginning in Greek ("Kirije elejzon"), continuing with "Alleluia", then switching to the vernacular ("Hospodi pomiluj"). In preparing the English setting, I kept the Greek and, for the vernacular, used English, which seems to me to better capture what the hymn is doing than to try and include both Greek and Slavonic here.

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