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O Son of David

Current version

Here is the version in the Byzantine Catholic Hymnal (2007), slightly cleaned up for capitalization:

This hymn for Palm Sunday comes from the Sister Servants of Mary in Canada; the English translation is credited to Cantor George Sabol.


This hymn is well-known and widely sung.

The only weak spot I see is the line "with palms and branches, flow'rs in their hands." I am guessing that "flowers" was placed here to include the Slavonic designation "Flowery Sunday" along with "Palm Sunday" (see the discussion here).

Would anyone object to removing "flowers" - "with palms and branches in their hands"?

--> Changed. Cantor Joe Ferenchick pointed out that this is how it was sung for many years by the choir of Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church in Philadelphia.

Thoughts or suggestions?

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