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This is the first of two hymns to the Mother of God at the foot of the Cross which was NOT included in the Byzantine Catholic Hymnal (2007).

So boundless is her sorrow

Boh predvicnyj

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This setting of Stala Mati zarmuščenna is from the publications of Father William Levkulic, who also did the English translation.


This hymn was included in the Užhorod Pisennik (1913) as hymn number 86, with 17 verses. It would be interesting to see a translation of the remaining verses, but not as necessary as with some of the Passion hymns.

Father Levkulic's English version altered the melody somewhat from the Slavonic. I would like to at least consider moving a little closer to the Slavonic. I also moved the word "fulfilled" to fix a bad accent. ("And bitter tears" is still a problem.)

There is still a difference compared to the Slavonic (eighth notes over "hangs upon" and "a sword would." Which works better: the slightly faster or slightly slower rhythm? What do you think?

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