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This is the first of two Theophany hymns we will look at.

The choirs of angels sing

Current version

This hymn was NOT included in the Byzantine Catholic Hymnal (1978) because there was several different versions of the hymn in circulation, all using different variants of the base melody, Radujsja Carice.

As a result of the Hymnal Project work on O Father Nicholas, which uses the same melody, we came up with the following.


Boh predvicnyj

Here is the Slavonic version, Anhely sohlasno:

Because both are fairly short (and they are paired with a second Theophany hymn in English that has no Slavonic equivalent, I am planning to print both on the same page. Here is a printable PDF.


There are several additional verses which we could include in the Slavonic, and translate for the English setting, but I am not inclined to do so at this time. If someone would care to work on a translation, I would happily consider it for inclusion.

Thoughts or suggestions?

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