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Čertoh Tvoj

Boh predvicnyj

This Lenten hymn (on page 122 of Father Stefan Papp's Duchovňi Pisňi) is actually from Matins on the first four days of Great and Holy Week. An English version, I see your bridal chamber, can be found in the Metropolitan Cantor Institute's service book for Bridegroom Matins.


This is actually a liturgical rather than a paraliturgical hymn; it is sung as the Exapostilarion, or Hymn of Light, at the end of the Matins canon on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of Great and Holy Week. The hymn itself can be found in the Bokšai Prostopinije on page 67.

It was included in the hymn of the Great Fast section in Father Papp's Duchovňi Pisňi (1969), but it is not clear when it was used outside of the Matins service from which it came.