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Christe Carju spravedlivyj

Boh predvicnyj

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The text is this Passion hymn is that of Monsignor William Levkulic (see below), who also published an English setting, Christ our King who reigns with justice.


This hymn was included in the Užhorod Pisennik (1913) as hymn number 80, with twenty verses.

Father Nicolaj Čoma's Malyj Izbornik Cerkovnyj (Užhorod, 1924), a people's prayer-book, included this on page 396 as the first of two "hymns of the passion", with the same twenty verses at the 1913 Pisennik.

In America, the children's prayer-book My Guardian Angel, published by the Greek Catholic Union (Homestead PA, 1921) included this is a the only Lenten hymn (labelled "hymn before the holy cross"). This version consisted of the first four verses of the Užhorod Pisennik version.

Monsignor Levkulic published the text above (corresponding to the first three verses of the Užhorod Pisennik version) in the The Divine Liturgy (1978), on page 170 (hymn number 41).

Both text and music were included in Monsignor Levkulic's Hymns of the Great Fast, on page 23.

In his collection Duchovňi Pisňi (1969), on page 110, Father Stefan Papp published two melodies for this hymn (both simpler than the one shown above), and text for eight verses. The text of these verses is considerably different from that of the other versions listed here.