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Hospod Boh predvičnyj

Boh predvicnyj

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This Christmas hymn can be found in the Metropolitan Cantor Institute's Byzantine Catholic Hymnal for Nativity and Theophany (2007). The text is that of Father William Levkulic (see below), who also contributed an English setting, God the Lord eternal.

This hymn is sung to the same tune as Spas nas narodilsja - which is in turn the melody of a Polish Christmas carol, Gdy się Chrystus rodzi, published in 1843. Both Rusyn hymns may actually be translations of the carol; all three end with the exclamation of the angels: "Glory, glory, glory to God in the highest."

This hymn was reviewed as part of the Hymnal Project of the Metropolitan Cantor Institute. See the discussion page.

In the proposed hymnal, these verses will be included with Spas naš narodilsja.


This hymn was not included in the Užhorod Pisennik (1913), the Greek Catholic collection, Kolady (1932), or Father Stefan Papp's Duchovňi Pisňi (1969).

In 1969, Father William Levkulic published two verses of this hymn in the booklet Christ is Born: Glorify Him; verse 2 ("Tuju písň na poli") is actually a text previously published as part of Spas nas narodilsja. Both verses were reprinted (without music) in Byzantine Liturgical Chant (1970) and in the Hymns section of The Divine Liturgy, a Book of Prayer (1978), with the notation, "Same melody as 'Jesus came from heaven'."

English translations

See God the Lord eternal.