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Have mercy on me, O my God

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This English version of Psalm 50, rewritten as a hymn, was published in Father William Levkulic's Hymns of Great Lent. It is one of our best Lenten songs which is NOT a hymn of the Passion of Christ, but one aimed at our primary Lenten theme: repentance and change of heart (metanoia).

Boh predvicnyj

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This is a good example of a case where a hymn is FAIRLY regular - that is, corresponding lines of each verse have the same number of syllables and matching accents - except in a few places. Here, we decided to provide musical notes for just the one or two exceptions (see the lower right).

From the notes in Father Levkulic's version, the original version was by a Father Matyuk. I would welcome any further information on who this was!


I plan to include this in the hymnal as one of the recommended spiritual songs for the Great Fast.

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